Our Guarantee

Although we are confident that all our nannies are safe and caring, we acknowledge that, due to the personal nature of the relationship between a family and their nanny, very occasionally things do not work out. In this situation the following applies:

Claro Babysitting and Temp Nanny Agency will provide other introductions at no additional cost subject to the following conditions:

  1. All fees to Claro Babysitting and Temp Nanny Agency have been paid. The employment has not exceeded 4 weeks.
  2. If the employment has exceeded 4 weeks & is less than 8 weeks, 50% of the Claro Babysitting and Temp Nanny Agency fee shall be charged.
  3. Any dissatisfaction, if appropriate, has been notified. (Claro Babysitting and Temp Nanny Agency accepts no responsibility for any grievance that is not advised to Claro Babysitting and  TempNanny Agency within 2 working days of the grievance arising)

If the client needs to employ another applicant through Claro Babysitting and  Temp Nanny Agency, whether it is to replace a current one or for a new position altogether, then a 15% discount will be given on the placement fee. This will only apply if the client employs another applicant within 1 year of their last contract with Claro Babysitting and Temp Nanny Agency. If it is to replace the current applicant then the client must have had them employed for a minimum of 16 weeks to be eligible for the discounted placement fee.

Refunds will not be given if the employee has left as a result of unreasonable conditions, or conditions materially different from those stated in the job description given to us by the client.



It is usual to compensate the nanny for using their cars to take your children to activities, school and kindergarten.

This can be in the form of non-taxable allowance and we refer to the IRD for their guidance on this. Or you may prefer to ‘fill up’ the car with petrol on a weekly/fortnightly basis.


We are available to the nanny for assistance and advice while you are away. If for any reason the nanny could not fulfill her commitment (ie: illness/bereavement) we would endeavour to replace the nanny with someone of a similar background. Should this unlikely situation arise, we would contact you IMMEDIATELY to make sure this was acceptable.

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