We are committed to providing a personalised service to meet the specific needs of your family. we are delighted that you are considering Claro to assist you in your search for a loving, responsible temp nanny or babysitter to care for your children.

Claro is based on the concept that excellent childcare can best be provided in an environment where nanny and family are well matched, where each is respected and valued and where each understands the needs of the other.


Temp Nannies and Overnight care

Temp nannies are people on call on a day to day basis, should your child be unwell, and cant got to school or childcare, but you still need to go to work, then we maybe able to help you. We can usually do very short notice, but we cant guarentee it.

Overnight care, maybe you want to go away for a night and not take your children with you, we can provide someone who can come into your home and care for your children, sleep in your house and continue with your normal routines until you return the next day.

As an agency we can offer professional care for your child/ren on a temporary basis. Many families have complex childcare needs. We are experienced at finding flexible nannies. Talk things through with us and we will help you find the best solution.






All our nannies come police checked, reference checked and interviewed. Most are qualified nannies, others are mums, grandparents, students, nurses, teachers, people with great experience with children who have backed this up with references.

We recruit nannies who are over 18yrs old and who have:

  • Childcare experience
  • Professional approach
  • Child related references
  • No criminal record.


What do you do next?


You can call our office on 0274111771


You can email Karyn on clarositnz@gmail.com


You could request a nanny online by filling in the section below.


Family request for a nanny


Please fill in the details below to request a nanny and we will get in touch with you ASAP to discuss your requirements.


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Evening Babysitters

Claro offer a very popular evening babysitting service, so you can reclaim your social life. With us you can find mature, friendly and experienced sitters. For your assurance we interview each prospective babysitter in person, check references and police check them.

We continually check and monitor all our sitters to make sure we can offer you the finest, reliable and above all safe childcare at affordable prices.


Not sure what to buy someone, why not get them a babysitting voucher, you can choose how much you want to spend. They can have professional care for their children, paid for by you. Contact Karyn for more details.

What services do Claro provide babysitters for?

In your own home: babysitting in your own home or at a friends house.

Hotel care: if you are planning a trip to any of the areas we cover, and will be staying in a hotel, then we can arrange for a sitter to come to you there.

Events/Wedding care: we offer on-site professional babysitting services during special events such as weddings, anniversaries, receptions etc.. our job is to entertain the children so that the parents and other adults can enjoy the event, have fun and relax.

So what sort of babysitters do we have?

We have a range of babysitters from 18yrs - 60yrs+. The majority are qualified nannies, others are nurses or teachers, and some are mums and grandparents with plenty of childcare experience. all with either a current first aid certificate or good general knowledge on the subject.

How much notice do you need to give?

We can usually get a sitter at short notice, but advanced booking is advised, particularly if you wish to request a particular sitter.

There is a minimum booking of 3hrs and bookings are made directly through the office or online, or by scrolling down and doing it through the website.

The Cost for a babysitter

$18 per hour

There is no seperate agency fees and the money is paid directly to the nanny at the end of the evening.

If 2 families share the same sitter then its an extra $1hr per extra child.

Foe New Years Eve & Christmas Eve there is an extra $7hr ontop of the normal hourly rate. Other public holidays may incur extra costs too.

Any car parking costs are also to be paid by the family.

When a sitter is booked

As soon as we have arranged for a babysitter to attend, we confirm your booking to let you know who will be sitting. We email you through a profile of the sitter, this tells you a bit about the babysitters experience with children, what they like doing in their spare time and a bit about what their references have said about them. Most profiles have a photo on too so you know who to expect on the night. The babysitter will also phone you a day or so prior to confirm the booking and to say hello.

We suggest you may want to arrange for the babysitter to arrive 15-20mins earlier so they can be introduced to the family and the routines on their first visit.

What do you do next?

You can call our office on 027 411 1771

You can email Karyn at clarositnz@gmail.com

You could book a babysitter online by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

We then contact our babysitters who have passed our selection process and are local to your area. We will always try your preferred babysitter first if you have requested someone.


Book a babysitter

It might be a night out - but you still want to be sure your child is in safe hands, whereas there's something magical for children having a babysitter for the evening..

To save time for our exisiting clients, we have a shorter form for you to complete at the bottom of the page.

Otherwise if you havent been in touch before please complete the full form just below.

A cancellation fee of $30 will be charged if the booking is cancelled within 3hrs of commencement, unless circumstances could not be prevented.


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Existing Babysitting Clients:

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